Royal Wade Kimes

"The Gentleman Outlaw"

Royal Wade Kimes

"The Gentleman Outlaw"

What is the Mount Royal Trail Ride?
The Mount Royal Trail Ride is a 3 to 5 day event depending on how many days you come for. The first 2 days are shorter rides and trails are marked in case you would like to go it alone. Friday & Saturday rides wind through historically important and beautiful countryside in northwest Arkansas. The rides are led by Royal Wade Kimes. The ride has seen a 90% return of riders each year, which is a testament to not only the ride but the whole experience. It is awesome!

The Mount Royal Trail Ride makes unforgettable memories and a joyful experience of a ride that is not so difficult that you can’t enjoy the scenery.

While a fun time for those on horseback, the ride also benefits the “Backpacks for Kids” program, which provides meals for over 2,700 children in eleven counties in Western Arkansas and nine counties in Eastern Oklahoma.

The Ride Itself:

Royal Wade Kimes had a vision of opening the old 1800’s wagon road that connected with routes north, south, east and west. Some of these trails were ridden by outlaws such as Belle Starr, Cole Younger, and Cherokee Bill and Fort Smith Marshals such as Joe Peavey, Marshal Huckleberry, and Zeke Proctor. Riders can see evidence of those who rode before – wagon thimbles, grooves in rocks, and the corners of old homesteads through the mountainous woods and valleys.



The Ride - June 6th through 10th, 2017

$175.00 Per Rider

​Pen Rentals Available

For Information Call 615-351-3167


  • Is the trail ride difficult? The ride will start at the Mountain Camp on Kimes Mountain. From there, we pick up trails winding through some of the most beautiful wooded areas in America. The trails will wind through an old wagon road as well as the mountain canyons with some rocky areas. Your horse must be in shape to ride this trail. Being fit will help avoid injury and keep both you and your horse safe. Start preparing early – this is a mountain ride – but not an endurance ride. We consider this about a 4 on a difficulty scale from 1-10.
  • Can children attend? Children 10 and over are welcome to ride as long as they are competent riders for mountain trails. All children must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times and it is their sole responsibility to see to their safety. No variance to this will be accepted.
  • Does my horse need shoes? YES, your horse should have all four shoes. This is mountainous terrain and there will be some rocky sections. A blacksmith will be on premises if needed.
  • Will there be breaks during the ride? Breaks are built into the ride schedule. Snacks are provided for the riders at their break. The breaks will be on the trail and port-a- johns available where possible. These breaks allow you and your horse to stretch and relax and will make the ride more enjoyable. There will be water provided for the horses at key points on the trail if possible.
  • How long does the ride take? The rides are approximately four hours each day. This may vary based on the number of riders and any problems that may occur on the ride.
  • Can we camp at the Kimes Mountain Camp a day prior to the ride? Is there a charge? The Kimes Mountain Camp is the campsite for the entire event. You are welcome – and encouraged – to camp the day before at no charge. Please let us know if you will be arriving the day before the ride. If you would like to camp for the week add 60.00 for trailer. Please call (615) 351-3167 or email ( for more information. There will be some picket lines available; riders are welcome to bring their own pens. Rental panels are available at 10.00 a panel while they last. No horses or mules are to be left unattended. It has been a tradition for riders to have supper at the Chester Café on Thursday Night.
  • Can we bring pets? MRTR staff and Landowners can no longer allow dogs to be loose or unattended at the trail-ride campsite.
  • Can we bring motorized transportation and/or bikes? No motorized transportation and/or bikes are permitted at the Mountain Camp or on the trail ride – unless operated by Mount Royal Trail Ride staff. We will allow the use of golf carts or other such type of vehicle at the concert in the case of handicapped persons only!
  • Will hay be provided on the trail ride? Hay will be provided at the Mountain Camp site on Friday and Saturday only at no charge. Any time before or after Friday and Saturday you will need to provide your own WEED FREE hay.
  • Can we bring alcoholic beverages on the trail ride? While riding the horses alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited. During the evening hours, alcoholic beverages are permitted as long as they are concealed. Please respect Royal Wade Kimes, the Mt. Royal Trail Ride and Concert, all staff, other riders and attendees, and what the event stands for. Drink in moderation and please be discreet.
  • Are showers available? There are no showers on location at the Mountain Camp site. However, there is a truck stop with showers available for a small fee at the Rudy Exit on I-49 approximately 20 minutes from the camp site.
  • Do we ride rain or shine? We hope there is no rain, but the ride will go on unless weather conditions are unsafe for riders or horses. Should there be a reason to postpone the ride, it will be rescheduled. There are no refunds due to weather conditions or unavailability to attend the rescheduled date. Refund for bereavement only.DISCLAIMER: Mount Royal Trail Ride, their affiliates, land owners, the Kimes/Conklin Ranch, nor anyone associated with the trail ride, take no responsibility for Acts of God. We do not refund or credit for bad weather or unforeseen events caused by circumstances beyond our control. We make every effort to keep our riders well informed in the event of bad weather, but cannot be held responsible for it.Mount Royal Trail Ride, their affiliates, land owners, the Kimes/Conklin Ranch, nor anyone associated with the trail ride, will not be held responsible for any rider or guest of a rider, their horses, or personal possessions. All riders ride at their absolute own risk. This is a trail ride – anything can happen on a trail ride. Those who camp but do not ride are under the same notification and understanding that they are responsible for their own safety and well- being and camp at their own risk. Please be careful and considerate of other horses and riders.

After Friday evenings ride, Royal Wade Kimes and Larry Crowley (one of RWK’s band members and award- winning guitarist), put on a magical campfire show, laying down songs that call back memories of a time gone by. This trail ride is truly a ride that leaves the world outside and far behind.

The view from the mountain camp spans out across the Arkansas and Oklahoma border for some eighty to one hundred miles. The border area is part of the Boston Mountains, known to be called ‘A Boston’ by Western America, which means rough and difficult. It’s not so tough on horseback, but wagons must have had a chore!

The Mount Royal Trail Ride folks like to eat! So continental breakfast and cowboy coffee starts the early morning, and we ride out at 9 a.m. Snacks are available at the first rest stop, lunch is served when arriving back at camp, and of course supper later that evening.

The finale to the ride is a full blown concert by award-winning recording artist Royal Wade Kimes and the Packin’ Iron Posse Band. Special guest surprises are scheduled from time to time, and there is an opening band to kick things off. It is a glorious party! Trail Riders are given VIP seating while concert attendees are seated the next row back.

So schedule your one-of-a-kind horse-friendly vacation! Bring your horse and share in the fun!

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September 27 - 30, 2017