Lamplight, Kansas, asked Jubal Tate, a traveling preacher to bring his brush arbor meeting to their town in hopes he might cleanse it of sin that abound. Jubal was once the most feared fighting man the South had known during the Civil War. Once the war was over he began to preach. The folks in Lamplight had no idea what lay ahead or even why. All the unfinished business of the war was living there. Major Bend, Jubal’s old commander and his comrades from the war. The last thing they would want, would be Jubal Tate showing up. Major Bend and his boys had committed war crime atrocities that would hang them sure. Jubal and his own comrades didn’t go along with any of it. Because of Major Bend, the war for Jubal and the four boys he served with had never ended. Both sides would be in Lamplight at the same time. Jubal would turn Major Bend over to the Lord, and try to keep his own men in check if possible. But hell would make a sound from the depths of its bowls the town of Lamplight would not be ready for.